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Frequently Asked Questions - AudioStreamer (Pro)

I am getting an error message about the bass_fx.dll when attempting to launch the AudioCD Ripper in the Pro version.
If you go to and update your Windows Media Player, this error message should quit.
How do I upgrade to Audio Streamer Pro?
To upgrade to the Professional version, a valid license of AudioStreamer is required. Download the latest AudioStreamer, and run it. When you exit the program, you will see a promo with the oppurtunity to upgrade if you are a registered user.
Can I use playlist files that I find on the Internet?
Playlist (or .pls) files contain information for connecting to a specific radio stream (station), like station name, IP address, etc. You can import this information by going into the Favorites window, clicking on the "Add Station" button, then clicking on the "Load From Playlist" button and navigating to the .pls file. It may be necessary to manually type in the station name or set the Genre, depending on the data in the .pls file.
I think my local station has a way to listen through the internet, but I don't see it on any list.?
There are several protocols for streaming internet radio. AudioStreamer Pro can stream stations that utilize ShoutCast.
Does AudioStreamer support streaming audio from sources like Rhapsody, Musicmatch, Yahoo Launchcast, etc.?
At this time, the program supports stations that use the Shoutcast streaming protocol.
Does Audio Xtract work with Windows 98/98SE/ME?
How many songs can I fit on a CD?
That depends on what type of recordable CDs you have. The two major types of CD-r are 74 and 80 minute capacity.
I want to burn the MP3s to disc as MP3 data, not as an audio CD.
The CDBurner is specifically designed to create an audio CD to be played in an average CD player. If you have Windows XP, you can drag the files to the CD and burn through Windows.
I have recorded some files that have a 11k or 22k samplerate, and now I can't import them into the CDBurner to burn onto disc.
The CDBurner needs high quality files (44.100 Hz, Stereo). Use the Audio Converter to convert them to this quality.
How do I add a station to my Favorites?
You can manually add the station using the "Add Station" button on the Favorites tab, or just highlight a station on the Live Stations tab, right-click the station and select "Add to Favorites".
How do I change the location my song library is saved??
Click Options, then General Options, and change the "Recording Output" location.
What does "Bitrate" mean in the Station Information?
"Bitrate" refers to the compression level that station uses for its music. The lower the number, the lower quality the audio from that station will be. A station with music encoded at 128 is compressed enough that it can be streamed through an internet connection with a transfer rate of 128 thousand bits per second (16k/s)
I set the "Genre" to what I want, then do a search, but am getting all sorts of other stations not of that genre.
"Genre" is the only drop-down option that does not interact with the "Search" - "Genre" and "Limit by bandwidth" are only utilized by the "Get Stations" button.
After just a few minutes of playing a station, I get a message saying the stream stalled out.
This simply means the data coming from the station was not enough to keep the stream going. It may be the station, heavy internet traffic, or you are trying to stream a station that is higher than the capability of your connection. Try looking for stations with a lower bitrate than the one(s) that stalled out. You may also want to change the "Limit by Bandwidth" menu to a lower setting.
My recorded songs may have the front or back of the song chopped off, and/or a portion of the previous/next song on it.
The program simply creates the song file as soon as the internet radio station broadcasts the file information. Some stations may send out the information slightly before or after the start of the song. Try going to Options-General Options and unchecking the "Create filenames from title when recording". This will create one large MP3 file as long as you are recording from that stream. When done recording, this file can be chopped up.
Live support
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(March 17, 2011)
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(March 16, 2011)
RMBSoft DVD Ripper 1.2 released
(February 17, 2011)
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(February 11, 2011)
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(November 2, 2010)
AudioStreamer 2.8 released
(September 30, 2010)

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