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March 10, 2003
System Inspector 1.1
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Burn Audio CD's!
Convert all your audio!
SoundEdit Pro
Digitally sound editor
Rip & Burn audio
Receive & record radio stations from the web



Keep your PC running faster, cleaner, and error free!

System Inspector was designed with ease-of-use and safety as a priority, so that anyone can quickly and safely tune their PC for maximum speed and reliability! System Inspector is the easiest, most comprehensive way to keep your PC running smooth and error free! Works with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, and XP!
Protect your privacy and improve your PC’s performance!
Online activities can be traced through browser cache, cookies, and history. Most software also stores information that could compromise privacy. Cleaning these files recovers hard disk space and speeds up system performance.

Keep your registry clean
Orphaned and invalid entries in the Windows® registry can cause meaningless error messages. Cleaning up your system regularly can prevent these annoying interruptions to your work.

Control your startup

Startup Inspector gives you full control on which software is started with Windows. Add/delete/change or temporary remove startup items. Or detect spyware!

Optimize and cleanup
The fact is, you are increasingly vulnerable to privacy invasions unless you take steps to protect yourself and your computer data. System Inspector has solutions that can help you take control. It will cleanup your system in 14 different sections!

Harddisk space manager
Every hard disk is too small if you just wait long enough. TreeSize Inspector tells you where precious space has gone to. Discover which folders occupy most of your harddisk space!

Protect your privacy!
View, manage and/or delete all cokies on your system. Ensure and protect your personal privacy!


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